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Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
they support. that has the campaigns were in some will stay home on election day, thinking it -- worried that some on election day will stay home thinking it is all over. >> personally my mind could change at the last minute. >> talk about democratic intensity. after the convention, 81% of democrats call themselves extremely likely to vote. that number now 75%. >> outdated voter registrations could keep thousands of virginians from voting on november 6th. if you do not receive your ballot, there is a good chance you are not registered. if you have moved since the last election, this could affect you. >> the white house is downplaying reports of a cyber attack. the beacon reported the chinese hackers tried to infiltrate the white house military office. an official told political that the attacks amounted to a targeted e-mail laced with now where. no data was stolen and classified information was never at risk. >> a suicide bomber has taken more lives in afghanistan. he ran a motorcycle packed with explosives into a u.s. afghan patrol not far from the border. this follows on the heels of a
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
it would get below 8%. now with one more report before election day, it could be persuasive. >> today, i believe that, as a nation, we are moving forward again. we are moving forward. >> as always, there are countless momentum shifts and the president followed at his debate with more headlines. across the state, a counter argument. >> there are fewer new jobs this month than last month. >> the numbers are what they seem. >> the reason it has come down is due to the fact more and more people have stopped looking for work. >> regardless of how we got to 7.8%, it looks like progress. unemployment was once at 10%. >> that is always a positive thing. i do not know how you could spend it. >> meanwhile the president went after brawny on a different set of numbers, reducing the -- after romney on a different set of numbersg the deficit. >> of mitt romney will bring down the hammer on sesame street. >> republicans insisting it is time to tighten our fiscal belt if we are serious about the recovery based on what they call a more realistic math. new numbers is coming in now we see a mitt romney is
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the presidential election. the next big event for the debatetes, their first on wednesday. final practices are under way. campaign isney set expectations low the debate. >> we've now seen both camps down their own skills and complement the others. there is a lot riding on that night. it could be their biggest to make a lasting impression. in some states, the decision is already being made. early voters are lining up in iowa city. watched partst even happened yet. the debates. the goal of gaining trust. >> it goes to their credibility. >> mitt romney told me yesterday expects the president to push boundaries. >> are you worried about honesty? i have been a little unhappy f things hends o charges. will refute those, i am sure. >> what shall we expect. will have a good chance to air our differences. >> they want people to refrain much from the too challenger. his internal memo layout the case. obama will use ample rhetorical experience, attacking romney. >> the question right now is us's plan is going to keep moving forward? you guys are a little biased. [laughter] >> for the next five days,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3